• Worship Ideas for Children’s Ministry

    Teaching children to worship is not just sitting and listening, but is actively thinking about God, appreciating God for who He is, thanking God for what He has done, giving back to God, and praising God through song and other expressions. Children need guidance to learn how to worship God.

  • Lesson 26: The Christian Home: Saving an Endangered Species (Colossians 3:20-21)

    As you know, many endangered species around the world face extinction unless there are concerted efforts to save them. In our own area, the California condor and the Mexican gray wolf are the focus of such rescue efforts. But perhaps the most endangered species on the planet is the Christian

  • Classroom Checklist

    Room organized with appropriate furniture, rocking chairs, changing  tables, area rugs, table and chairs Wall Mounted Telephone Rooms organized with appropriate storage cabinets/units for toys Rooms organized with age appropriate decorations Age appropriate posters on walls Security identification labels for children and parents Supplies for toddlers (non latex gloves, baby